Nearly eight months after the "outbreak", three of the uninfected are hiding in an abandoned home, hoarding old food and praying for an end to the nightmare which has brought the dead back to life. When a knock at the door brings two more helpless, starving wonderers into the desperate house, the ravenous dead soon follow. The tiny group of terrified survivors are torn from their humble sanctuary and must escape into the open, where they are stalked by their worst nightmare.

After days in the open, the tiny band of survivors stumbles upon an unlikely sanctuary… a prison. Inside they find a small group of convicts who have chosen to stay behind while the rest of their fellow convicts escaped in the first harried days of the 'outbreak'.

Now inside the high prison walls, the small band of survivors must decide if they want to take their chances among the living and exceedingly hostile convicts, or with the flesh-hungry dead waiting for them on the outside. "Dead Inside" is a terrifying story where possibly the safest place on Earth is inside a maximum-security prison.